Puppy Selection

Welcome! This page is designed to help assist in the puppy selection process. Puppies are chosen in the order of deposits placed.


Available: Open for selection

Pending: Puppy has been selected, pending payment. In the event payment is not received puppy will become available.

Sold: Not open for selection 

Patterns, Colors, & Markings:

Tri: Base coat with white markings and third accent color in the Bernese marking pattern

     Ex: Black base with white and rust markings; Silver base with white and cream markings; Chocolate base with white and tan markings; Sable              Base with white and tan markings

Bi: Base coat with white markings absent of third color in the Bernese Marking Pattern

Parti: Base white coat with one or more splashes of color

Phantom: Base Coat with second color similar to a Bernese with the absence of white markings

Abstract: Solid color puppy with white on chest

Solid: Solid color puppy

Complete: All markings are present. White: chest, four paws, muzzle band, blaze, tip of tail. Absence of Swiss kiss dose not result in incomplete                     markings. Third accent color: eyebrows, side jowls, chest, four elbows, under tail

Incomplete: Absence of one or more individual markings

Poodle coat colors can take 2 to even 3 years to fully develop. This is also possible for Bernedoodle coats. Black, blue, and silver puppies are all born black, determining a blue puppy before his/her adult coat appears is extremely difficult. Silver puppies may be determined or the possibility prior to adult coat, but if the puppy has facial marking and is not a solid this determination is harder to make. Instead looking a the pedigree of colors would be a better indicator of the possibility of having a silver puppy. Apricot/Cream/Tan/Rust markings may also change shades as the puppy grows its adult coat. As a breeder I will do my best to comment of the possibility of change in a puppy's coat color.


Coats: Doodle coats may range on the spectrum from straight, wavy, curly, fleece. Please keep in mind it is a spectrum, like humans their are multiple versions of wavy/curly. A fleece coat is what a poodle has, it is similar to the wool of a sheep. A sport coat is a non doodle coat, our Bernese have sport coats. High Content Poodle Bernedoodles (75% poodle) will generally have curly to fleece coats on the spectrum. Fleece is completely non shedding, and the highest grooming maintenance. Straighter coats require less grooming maintenance but will most likely shed. Wavy and curly coats are low/non shed. 

Size: Sizes are estimated prior to birth based on parents & lineage. For instance, miniature & moyen size poodles may be part of some pedigrees. Once puppies are born, weights are tracked and a better estimation can be determined.  Estimated adult weight will be determined by their current weight at 5 weeks, please consider the puppy may be slightly smaller or larger as an adult.

Puppies will also have a number to correspond to their weight in comparison to their litter mates. If there are 6 puppies in the litter the largest puppy will have the number 1 and the smallest puppy will be labeled 6.

Sirena x Ben 2017 Medium/Mini Litter 

Sirena: Cream & Apricot Parti w/Fleece Coat

Ben:  Tri Color Black, White, & Rust w/Sport coat




Sex: Female

Pattern: Tri

Color: Black, White, & Tan

Markings: White-Complete Tan-Complete

*Possible dilute Silver/Cream/White

Mini/Medium- Approx. Adult weight 40-45lbs #5



Sex: Female

Pattern: Bi

Color: Black, White

Markings: White-Complete 

Mini- Approx. Adult weight 30-35lbs #7



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