Storybook is a second generation family oriented breeding program. I was lived on a small family farm in Michigan, where we raised Bernese Mountain Dogs. When I was ten years old, I whelped my first litter of Berners. At eleven we traveled to Finland to pick up puppies that exuberated the BMD standard. By twelve, I had the in-and-out knowledge and experience to successfully whelp and raise quality dogs.


In-between leaving the nest, and

creating my own family, I was

not involved in raising dogs.

However, I always planned on my

future filled with puppy breath!

Today, I have a family of human

children and fur-babies!

Storybook is  a breeding program I cherish, love, and whole-heatedly believe spreads joy, one puppy family at a time!

Storybook has a committed mission to enhance and standardize the Bernedoodle breed, gain American Kennel Club recognition, and in the process provide happy healthy Bernedoodle pups. Storybook is also in the motions of creating a program to provide service dogs (stay tuned)!

stretch. yawn.


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 heart puppy breath


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Storybook Bernedoodles


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